Interim Management – a very effective solution to short term business issues.


The only certainty in business is change.

We help organisations going through change and transformation by providing them with a short-term resource to support their business.

We can lead change programmes, deliver turnarounds, provide functional or sector specific expertise and cover critical permanent positions.

Often there are situations where you don’t want a recruitment solution – you want a problem solved.

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Our Experience

With over 15 years of experience, we understand how to work with companies on an interim assignment. If we don’t have the skills that a particular assignment needs, we have an extensive network of interim executives that we can tap into.

Typical projects include

  • Financial Crisis Turnaround – working with distressed businesses
  • Major Change – taking a business through a change process
  • Project Management – delivering a complex project such new product development
  • Short term employment cover – covering a role in the management of a business
  • Preparing for Exit – working with owners to sell their company

Why use an Interim Manager?

Employing an interim manager has several benefits when dealing with a business problem.

Typically, an interim manager has spent most of their career implementing change and dealing with complex business problems. They have solid “hands on” experience of leading staff through the change process.

As they have no long-term employment aspirations, they are very focussed on delivering the outcomes that the business needs without allowing “internal politics” to get in the way. They take ownership of a project and follow it through to a successful conclusion.

An interim manager is an effective way of getting a very experienced executive into your business who can deliver results in a short timescale by adding significant additional resources to the company’s management.