Business Support – What do you need?

We work with the owners of businesses on key areas of their companies


Managing Growth

It may seem strange but a rapidly growing business faces almost as many risks as one that has too few orders.

We help owners to produce a “whole business” strategy for growth ensuring that there is an operational and funding plan that sits alongside the sales growth.


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Making sure that your business has access to the right level of funding whether it is working capital, finance for capital investment or equity investment, is key to the success of any business. Understanding how to present requests for finance to the bank is critical.

We have significant experience of assisting companies in raising finance of all different types. We support the business in producing proposals, sourcing finance providers and direct negotiation of facilities.


Coaching / Mentoring the “Next Generation”

How to pass on a family business to the next generation is a challenge that most family-owned businesses face sooner or later. We provide coaching to the next generation that prepares them for taking over responsibility for a family business. We can also help shape the future structure of the organisation and manage the transfer of the day to day management role.

Many companies find it very useful to have an independent view on how to manage this critical process in the life of the business.